Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Centers

Drug Detox

Drug detoxification, detox for short, is usually the initial procedure provided by any drug or alcohol detoxification program. The detoxification process enables the body to undergo the natural process of ridding itself of toxic materials. Until the body is free of these toxins, their presence will cause severe cravings, and those drug users that are controlled by these cravings are not physically or mentally capable of any meaningful participation in the educational and theraputic components of a rehabilitation and treatment program. Drug detoxification can take anywhere from three days to one week, depending upon what drug was taken and for how long. Age and general health can also make a difference. Until one has completed the detoxification process, he or she is not ready to begin the journey to recovery.

If drug addiction is controlling your life and hurting you and those that you love, do something positive about it now! If you want to stop using and break the curse of addiction, but don’t know how or where, there are drug detoxification programs dedicated to helping you.The first step toward recovery from addiction is drug detoxification, where, under medical supervision, all toxins are safely removed from your body and withdrawal symptoms are managed.Withdrawal is the physical reaction of the human body to the removal of any substance upon which it has come dependent. It occurs when the use of a drug that has been abused over a long time period is abruptly stopped.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detoxification is a treatment regimen directed at helping an individual to overcome physical dependence upon alcohol, and, with the help of counseling, the associated psychological dependence. It is most often the first step taken to promote a lifelong abstinence from alcohol.The primary objectives of any alcohol treatment program are relief from the symptoms experienced with withdrawal from alcohol and the treatment of any associated medical condition or psychiatric dysfunction. Once these symptoms are successfully relieved or controlled, the team of alcohol detox professionals can promote you to the next stage in your treatment. This may be participation in a residential or outpatient alcohol rehabilitation program, or regular attendance at AA meetings.

Alcohol detoxification is a critical part of any alcohol treatment program. It is important that the detox protocol be tailored to address factors that are unique to you, such as age, medical history, and the depth and frequency of alcohol use. The resulting detox treatment will be the most important tool in managing the symptoms associated with your withdrawal from alcohol. It is important that your alcohol detox program be supervised and monitored by a professional medical team that includes round-the-clock nursing and an in‑house physician that is certified in addiction medicine. Health concerns associated with alcohol abuse require that detoxification and treatment programs provide professional care that meets the needs of each individual patient.

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